Carlsbad Schools



The Foothills Area Schools

Let’s first take a look at the traditional schools for students that live the Foothills.

  • Elementary: Hope Elementary
  • Middle: Calavera Hills Middle School
  • High: Carlsbad High School or Sage Creek high school.  Which school your child(ren) will go to is independent of where you live, but depends on a variety of factors.


Here’s a summary of pertinent school info. Click any school name for more.

School Name API Score Rank* Rating** School Ratings Great Schools
Hope Elementary 910 9 10 More Details More Details
Calavera Hills Middle 860 8 8 More Details More Details
Carlsbad High 840 9 9 More Details More Details
Sage Creek High N/A N/A 10 N/A More Details

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** Ratings are courtesy of


If you haven’t visited them already, here are some sites with some great information:


Carlsbad Area Schools

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Map of Carlsbad Schools

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